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Time Management Tips for CLAT preparation

It is Often

It is often said that Time and tide do not wait for anyone. Those that appreciate time are able to distinguish themselves from the crowd. For increasing your productivity,a good time management is crucial.

Although CLAT 2023 is a challenging exam, but it may be passed with strong time management. Failure on the CLAT is typically caused by a lack of useful time management advice. Candidates need to have a good time management plan in place. It's no joke to respond to 150 questions in less than two hours.The use of time management techniques is a prerequisite for the CLAT. Students should put their best effort forward in the exam in order to handle the competitiveness and finish as the ranker.

Here are the Tips on Time Management to crack the Clat Exam

Its About the Balance & Equilibrium

Balance the preparation for boards with that for the CLAT and other law entrance tests. Strategically plan your time so that you can devote enough time to both. You can draught a syllabus for each and begin by reviewing the subjects you have in common. Spend time on other subjects after you're finished with it. But it's best to start with the subjects that matter the most and acquires more weightage.

Set a Time Limit for Each Section

The first and most crucial step in making the most of your CLAT test time. Give each component a certain time; the schedule will fluctuate depending on your abilities and limitations. This approach works best and has been recommended by the Experts.

Candidates should begin with the GK component of the CLAT before moving on to the English, Legal, Reasoning, and QA sections. Candidates ought to be quick and engaged. Make an effort to finish the extra questions that have been marked for review as quickly as is reasonably possible.


There will be distractions and moments when you may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed, but keep your focus. You can turn the tables and accomplish more in less time if you maintain a focused attitude. A focused strategy increases productivity and aids in CLAT success.

Leave out All the Unknowns

Consistency is important during the exam. You can determine in two seconds if you can answer the question correctly or not.

Avoid becoming overly engrossed in your favourite subjects. After finishing it, move on to the next step. Don't waste your time trying to answer questions that you can't or don't understand. This way a lot of time will be saved and will can attempt more questions.

Reading Carefully before starting off

You cannot afford to read the question over and again to understand it. Avoid interruptions and reactions to what is going on around you while reading it thoroughly once. Any little shift in focus can have an impact on how well you perform.

Give careful thought when reading the questions. Make sure you understand the questions on the first read in order to manage your time on the Exam.

Solve past years Question papers and give maximum Mock Tests

By completing & solving previous years CLAT test questions, you can improve your speed and accuracy while also becoming more familiar with the exam format, question kinds, and level of difficulty. You may assess your degree of preparation, track the time you spend on each question, and improve your accuracy and speed.

Practice more Mock tests and be careful to complete CLAT practise tests in their entirety, ideally under someone's supervision This will not only enable you to assess your readiness but will also give you more confidence. Additionally, completing mock tests enables you to evaluate, spot, and correct problems that were made. You can assess the amount of time spent on each segment and adjust the framework as necessary with the use of mock exams.

Practice, Practice and Practice

It cannot be denied that man becomes flawless via practise. Therefore, practise as many and as many different types of questions as you can. While doing this, set a timer to keep an eye on your progress or take CLAT tests online to simulate a genuine exam. Participate in online exams, and practise a quality test series to hone your skills and develop a convincing time management strategy for the CLAT. This will enable you to determine how long it takes you to complete a question and, from there, develop a plan to speed things up. Speed and accuracy are key components of competitive exams like CLAT and AILET.


Every year thousands of students take the CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams. They needs to maintain themselves well-prepared with efficient time management techniques in order to ace the test. Every applicant needs to possess strong time management abilities. To enhance your CLAT preparation and crack the exam in a first attempt employ the time management strategies for CLAT that were previously discussed.

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