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How to Prepare for CLAT and 12th Boards Simultaneously

How to prepare for clat in class 12th with boards exam
How to Prepare for CLAT & Class 12th together- Rajindera Law Academy

CLAT is a very well-known exam by candidates interested in a legal career. For CLAT 2024, candidates must begin preparing in class 12. However, for a variety of reasons, class 12 has a special place in the hearts of the students as it is the final phase of the academic year and their school life. Although thr major board exams takes place at this time, but students still want to treasure their time and memories with their classmates and friends. The majority of college admissions heavily rely on the 12th board score. Things get even more challenging for those who desire to pursue a career in law and begin their CLAT training.

How can CLAT preparation be done without degrading board exam results?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, we have the solutions for you. You can prepare for the CLAT in class 12 without interfering with your current academics by using the best CLAT strategy and advice given here.

Start Preparing Early

The majority of school students lack a clear idea of what they want to do in the future. However, if you are fortunate enough to have realised that you want to practise law by studying in the top law school like NLU, you must begin preparing as soon as possible.

Students frequently make the costly mistake of planning for law entrance tests during the break following their board exams. The necessary CLAT topics and CLAT curriculum cannot be covered in the allotted period. It would be best to continue your preparation as soon as class 12 begins. Giving even one hour per day or three to four hours per week is a fantastic idea.

Create a separate study plans for the board and CLAT exams

Candidates without a good study schedule risk confusing themselves and their studies. So don't do that, instead you should create a weekly and monthly study plan for both tests with appropriate time allocation to ensure that none of the exam gets neglected. Giving even one hour per day or three to four hours per week is an excellent strategy

Choose a Trustworthy course

You should search for some reputable and high-quality courses in addition to learning from CLAT preparation books. For instance, you can enroll in online CLAT courses or browse through pertinent YouTube videos. For students in class 12, a lot of CLAT coaching centers provide online sessions on the weekends to help them study for the law entrance exam. Make use of these classes and courses for your advantage.

Optimize your Time

Time management becomes essential when you are simultaneously studying for two things. To balance your class 12 syllabus and online CLAT preparation, you should use your time wisely and effectively.

You might devote more time to Law Entrance Preparation Exam in the beginning, and you should shift allocating more of your time to studying school books as the boards approaches near.

Utilize your Summer and Winter Breaks to the Fullest

Candidates have more time during the summer break because there is no regular school. As a result, they can use this time off to truly focus on board and CLAT preparations.

Solve CLAT Sample Papers and Question Papers from Previous Years

The more CLAT sample papers and question papers you solve, the more clarity you will have. The act of answering questions will help guarantee that you have adequately covered all the material.

A Satisfactory and Effective Revision

You will have a little time left to prepare for the CLAT once your class 12 examinations are finished. Since there won't be much time, it would be best to jam-packed it in to ensure a thorough revision. Don't exclusively utilize it for learning new subjects. It should be used primarily for the revision.Also candidates can make brief notes and revise them quickly between their both studies to stay on top of the subjects and topics.


Passing the law school entrance exam while in class 12 is definitely achievable. To succeed, you must effectively manage your time, develop and follow a plan of action, identify courses that will improve your preparation, make informed topic decisions, and allot time for review before the law exam. If you sticks to the above advice, you will have a greater chance of passing the Clat exam and performing well in board exams as well. Best of luck and start preparaing for CLAT exam along with your boards without any fear and doubts.

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