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.LAW FIRMS: Corporate lawyers ensure the legality of commercial transactions and possess expansive knowledge of statutory law and regulations passed by government agencies in order help their clients achieve their goals within the legal framework. To structure a business transaction legally, a corporate lawyer may need to research aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and other regulations relating to a specific area of business. The lawyer must ensure that a transaction is not barred or does not conflict with the local, state or central laws.

.LITIGATION LAWYER: A Litigation Lawyer also termed as a Litigation Attorney, represents a client, by defending them in a court of law or in legal proceedings, before a judge. The responsibility of a Litigation Lawyer is to research legal issues, draft legal documents and present the case before the court.A litigation lawyer is an expert in protecting clients’ rights through the courts. Litigation attorneys often engage in pre-litigation settlement discussions to attempt to resolve the matter before a lawsuit is filed. So litigation is always an option for a Law Graduate.

.CORPORATES: Lawyers working as in-house counsels have a more detailed ensure the legality of commercial transactions. They must have a knowledge of the specific statutory laws and regulations passed by government agencies that apply to their company. They assist the company they work for in the day to day functioning and various legal compliances that need to be made. The lawyer must ensure that any proposed transaction does not conflict with local, state, or federal laws.

.JUDICIAL  SERVICES: Imagine, a 22-year old dotting the town in a blue beacon car. The most prestigious Job and the best part about pursuing this career option is that it is only restricted to law students.After a few years, you are eligible to sit for the Higher Judicial Services (HJS), which in many cases results in the eventual elevation as a Judge of the High Court and your blue beacon gets converted into a red beacon. This option is an all-time favourite of all the students. The spacious bungalows, guaranteed compensation and a retinue of domestic help comes as a part of the package.

.CIVIL SERVICES: One can opt for a Law as one of their subjects in Civil Services Exam.Law is considered as a favourite subject for civil services’ aspirants. By having pursued law as an undergraduate course, you are automatically enrolling for preparing for a significant portion of your mains paper, without wasting any additional time. Most particularly, once you get through the mains, you would have to clear the vitally important interview round. Law school activities such as mooting, debating, conferences, vivas and presentations allow you to tackle the interview with confidence and precision. In the past years’ in a list of selected aspirants you will be surprised to notice the number of applicants who qualify were from a law background.

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